Log Splitting Videos

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Lucky Strike Splits Logs of All Sizes


Something to think about when considering who to hire to split your wood:
the most common type of log splitter is hydraulic. While these machines are good and have their place, they are tediously slow. 

We utilize a fleet of the fastest machines to split all shapes, sizes and types of wood. We most often split using custom made flywheel-driven log splitters that are 5 times faster than any hydraulic machine. This means that we produce 5 times more split firewood every hour. 

Dollar for dollar, we are without question, the most economical and efficient team in the business. 

Uncle Dave Hires Lucky Strike

Dave Adami, of Uncle Dave's Ice Cream at Shady Brook Farm, wanted his already split wood split even smaller to better fit in his wood burning insert. Lucky Strike was happy to help, splitting the wood to kindling size and stacking it neatly in the backyard. Dave made a video of our work and was kind enough to share.